Dreamer Studios Updates Website
Saturday, Sep 1, 2012 5:28 pm
Dreamer Studios Updates Website
New Dreamer Studios Logo
Dreamer Studios has redesigned both our company logo and website.  The new website was designed with a more simplified interface, cleaner appearance and straight to the point information. Using database functionality and developed to be compatible with mobile and pad devices this version of the website will make using the new Dreamer Studios website a great online experience. 

Our new logo reflects our commitment to changing, evolving, growing and staying current within our industry while remaining true to our history. Using a few of the old elements from past logos the Dreamer Studios team decided on a cleaner, more simpler vision for our own identity. 

A brand new logo with the same high quality and creative designs in both "ink" and "pixels" that you and our clients have come to expect plus Rock Star design and service!